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This One Thing Changed My Life… So I Nailed It To My Wall

Peter Kozodoy logo Posted Friday March 06th, 2020 This One Thing Changed My Life… So I Nailed It To My Wall

Do you actually know what you want in life?

I’m not being cheeky – I know plenty of people who have no idea what they want or where they’re heading.

And the thing is, you need to be careful if you don’t know where you’re heading... because you might just end up there.

A few years ago, I heard John Assaraf talking about the power of a vision board. At the time, I chalked it up to voodoo wishful thinking, but I wasn’t having a good year so the concept caught me at the right time to give it a shot.

So, over the course of a week or so, I printed and cut out the elements that I saw in my future life. They were homes, cars and yachts of course, but also symbols of how I wanted to spend my time, milestones I wanted to achieve and health goals I had for myself.

Once I put it together, I framed it and put it where I could see it every day.

And that's when something curious happened.

I’m fascinated with the power of the subconscious. I do believe that your subconscious powers many of your thoughts, actions and decisions, and that controlling it is super important if you want to achieve what you want in life.

So at first, nothing happened. But it didn’t cost me anything to look at the stupid board so I kept it up.

But then, over time, I began noticing things. I’d look at it one day and think to myself, hm, I actually fulfilled that square this month. And another day I’d look at it and wonder, you know, this new thing that came up could actually get me to that goal.

Was I starting to project my life onto the board, or was the board starting to influence my life?

Tough to tell, but I’ll tell you what was obvious: Even thinking I was making progress towards those goals was encouraging. It felt good to believe, whether true or not, that one way or another I was moving towards the images on that board.

Have you ever pictured what you want in life? Maybe it’s time to print it out and stick it where you can see it.

I can’t tell you if it’ll work, but you’ve got nothing to lose – and just going through the exercise of deciding what you actually want is valuable in and of itself.

Try This To Achieve Your Goals:

  • The subconscious is a powerful asset, if you feed it what you want in life.
  • Once you’re clear on your goals, put them into a physical vision board.
  • Put the vision board where you can see it every day, and let your subconscious mind work towards achieving those goals.
  • Let me know if it works!