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Unless You’re A Kardashian, Don’t Do This If You Want To Get Rich

Peter Kozodoy logo Posted Tuesday March 03rd, 2020 Unless You’re A Kardashian, Don’t Do This If You Want To Get Rich

I get asked questions all the time about productivity.

People want to know what they should focus on and what they shouldn’t. And inevitably, the entrepreneurs I work with are focusing on all the wrong shit.

It’s human nature to do things we enjoy and to avoid things we don’t enjoy. That’s just brain chemistry, and unfortunately in our society today, we’re forced to do things we may not enjoy (laundry) in order to do things we do enjoy (Netflix).

However, unlike laundry and Netflix, the path to success in your business isn’t a straight line. There are a million things you could do or might do that will help you along.

So what happens? Founders end up favoring the tasks that make them happy, and avoiding the ones that make them uncomfortable.

Unfortunately for us, this doesn’t even happen at the conscious level most of the time; instead, we make those decisions deep in our subconscious and then – what’s worse – we rationalize them with our logical mind.

Well, I think I should redo my logo today because I bet making that color slightly more blue will really help me. Yes, that seems right…


One of the biggest myths out there, that owners spend ridiculous amounts of time on, is the pursuit of fame.

This could look like excessive blogging, spending time building a social media following, or endlessly fiddling with the way your brand looks or your website looks in order to "get more business."

Listen, those things are important. I just taught a master class on building your authority, because it does matter.

But building an authority does not produce income by itself. Building an authority is one piece of a puzzle that will help you market yourself and your business and sell more.

How can this be true?

Well, I know countless business owners who don’t have a website, barely have a business card, and own a company whose logo hasn’t been redone since the 1970s. And guess what? The owners I know with companies like that do well over 8-figures in revenue…each.

This is because they focused on the basics: a) creating a product or service that their market desperately needs, b) selling that product and service, and c) watching their money pile up like Scrooge McDuck.

These owners are usually the worst dressers, the least flashy, and drive a 1998 Volvo held together with duct tape. I never fully understood this until I connected the dots…these entrepreneurs weren’t focused on fame.

Instead, they were 100% focused on the customer, customer’s need, their solution, and selling the crap out of it.

So, what about you? Are you spending your time on fortune, or fame?

If you can’t tell, find a mentor who can help you figure it out. It could mean all the difference for your future fortune.

Just a reminder:

  • Fame is for celebrities. If you want to get rich, then choose fortune over fame.
  • Do this by being ruthless with your time, and only doing the activities that are going to lead to making MONEY.
  • Money can always buy you fame, and that sweet Range Rover you’ve been eyeing.