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8 Is Better Than 1

Here’s one big lesson most entrepreneurs learn the hard way:

It’s lonely.

Being the boss ain’t a warm and cozy place.

You’re by yourself.

A lot.

And all your friends?

Your former colleagues and 9-5’ers?

Even your family?

They can’t relate.

They don’t understand the struggles and challenges of running your own business.

They may even encourage you to quit.

"You gave it a shot—now why don’t you just come back and get a real job?"

You may even wonder if they’re right…

But they don’t get it.

It’s not that you want to quit…

(You don’t!)

You just want support.

You want people who can relate to you, sympathize with you, and most of all…

Offer guidance.

REAL guidance.

Because being able to listen is one thing, but…

Being able to help, with their real world experience, is better.


Wouldn’t that make being an entrepreneur easier?

If you had your own secret group of caring business owners who could guide you?

An illuminati of successful founders?

Five to eight people who could see right through the clutter and provide clarity for your business.

And light the way for you.

Or leave breadcrumbs on the trail by telling you what they’ve done to get beyond the exact challenges you’re facing.

Then you wouldn’t just NOT be lonely…

You’d have answers.

Trust me, I’ve been exactly where you are.

Not just me, but the 38,000 other successful business owners that take part in this group.

And I think I can help.

I have a private group for entrepreneurs we call Forum, and I made a quick video that explains it all in detail by clicking here.

Surround yourself with other smart, successful, and open entrepreneurs who share their experiences and truly understand where you are—both in life and in business.

This group is like having your own board of directors who can unlock success for you and provide the critical keys you so desperately need to reach the next tier.

And we’re not teasing you with ideas of overnight success.

We’re not going to throw high-brow ideas around the room that mean nothing to your business.

We’re not going to brag about how great we are.

We’re not going to throw you a pity-party either.

We’re just going to focus on how we can help you succeed.

Because the truth is…

You’re stronger than you think.

You’re better than you think.

And when you have the right people around you, you’ll go further than you think.

And you won’t make (as many) mistakes along the way.

So watch this quick video and learn how to access Forum.

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