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Blaine Heck, Nardi Media

If you are seeking an Inc. 5000 Millennial entrepreneur to add value to your story, call on Peter — "The Honesty Guy" — to inspire and educate your audience! Why? Well, how many other Millennial entrepreneurs do you know who can also do a Triple Lutz on figure skates?

Peter's mission is to help people use the power of brutal honesty to achieve greatness in their lives and organizations.

Peter has spent ten years building multimillion-dollar companies as a Millennial entrepreneur, becoming one of the top .01% of fastest-growing entrepreneurs in America. Now, he regularly appears in publications and shows to share his experiences with audiences worldwide.

Have Peter on your show, where he will:

  • Show how brutal honesty produces massive business success in any industry
  • Prove that companies in crisis can use honesty and transparency to reverse the PR damage
  • Explain why honesty is the necessary first step towards achieving your biggest goals in life and business

You can get in touch anytime, day or night, 24/7/365:

Because he writes, speaks and shares on a variety of topics - including business, entrepreneurship, leadership and Millennials - Peter can be highly adaptable for your particular audience. Plus, he's probably the most responsive person you'll ever meet: You can reach him via phone, email, LinkedIn, and even smoke signals (note: smoke signal effectiveness may vary depending on environmental factors at time of signaling).

Plus, he'll always help promote your program via his social media platforms and email list.

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