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Hire Peter to Empower Your Conference, Corporate Workshop or Live Event

What if you could find that special keynote speaker who balanced real-world experience and actionable takeaways with a healthy dose of inspiration?

Young, energetic and relatable, Peter is passionate about helping people and organizations get brutally honest in order to uncover hidden roadblocks and move boldly forward to produce industry-dominating business results. If you’re looking to give your audience real-world solutions that provide an explosive return on investment, you’re in the right place!

Using his groundbreaking framework called the Hourglass of Honesty, Peter offers a variety of workshops along with his keynote based on his book, Honest to Greatness.

Keynote Presentation

Honest to Greatness: Transform Your Life and Business with Strategic Brutal Honesty

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In this fun, high-energy keynote that shatters your comfort zone, Inc. 5000 entrepreneur and TEDx speaker, Peter Kozodoy, helps leaders use strategic brutal honesty to achieve transformational outcomes in business and in life. Using case studies, profound stories, and tactical plans from his award-winning book, Honest to Greatness, Peter will rapidly shift you into “honest alignment” with who you really are, what you really want, and what you must do to move your business forward and achieve greatness.

In this keynote you will learn:

  • How to use strategic brutal honesty to improve your sales, marketing, recruiting, and more
  • The simple, 2-question technique to shake off the self-limiting BS that prevents us from success, and
  • How to use honesty like a Jedi mind-trick to spark creativity, resolve interpersonal conflicts, and become a more effective and empowered leader.

Peter conducts keynotes and workshops both in-person and virtually, and bulk book package discounts are available.

Corporate Workshop

The Hourglass of Honesty — How to Transform Yourself And Your Business Into an Innovation Machine

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Peter conducts a workshop in conjunction with his keynote. First, he delivers a condensed version of the talk that shows how to use honesty to create industry-dominating growth results. Then, he helps teams work through the leadership frameworks in his book — including the Hourglass of Honesty, the Inverse Triangle, the Flawed Diamond and more — in order to uncover hidden opportunities for innovation and growth.

By the end of the workshop, attendees will:

  • Understand the leadership frameworks in the book, and learn how to use them to create business results
  • Brainstorm innovative solutions to corporate problems by being honest about the industry and its opportunities/challenges, honest about the people who influence the organization both on the outside and from within, and honest about their own limiting beliefs as leaders
  • Identify immediate action steps that will transform the business into a clear, differentiated and honest growth machine with a winning culture to match
  • Have a ton of fun with experiential exercises that get people energized and excited!

Corporate Podcast:

Let’s be honest with Peter Kozodoy

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Peter will host audio or video interviews and “coffee chats” with your key executive leaders about their backgrounds, goals, and outlook on the company. These interviews improve morale and encourage honesty and transparency across your entire corporate culture while giving your employees the ability to connect personally to your executives’ honest stories and experiences. This also works when highlighting employees within the company who are achieving extraordinary outcomes by using honesty and transparency, to help encourage others in your company to do the same.

These interviews are fantastic for internal communications, social media marketing, onboarding, email marketing and more!

Crisis Communications, Custom Programming, and Executive Coaching

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If your business is handling a PR crisis, call on Peter to help your organization use strategic honesty to turn your crisis into a massive opportunity. As he notes in his book, honesty can help a business not only avoid a PR crisis but prosper because of it.

If you're looking for custom learning solutions, Peter will create a program for your corporation’s needs based on the frameworks in his book that encourage honesty, transparency and open collaboration. Options include an online or in-person workshop, video series, live webinar, roundtable discussions, and more.

He also offers executive coaching for leaders who want to create more productive corporate cultures, provide positive change management, learn today’s best crisis communication techniques, and more.

If you have a corporate goal this year and think brutal honesty and transparency can help, contact Peter to create a fully custom program tailored to your business goals!