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How To Make Your STOP DOING List

Peter Kozodoy logo Posted Tuesday July 07th, 2020 How To Make Your STOP DOING List

Lemme tell you about something that frustrates the living crap out of me:

Wasting time.

I'm like an efficiency whore. I'm the guy who gets upset at his wife because she decided to stop off at the Starbucks that's .7 miles off the highway instead of .4 miles off the highway.

It's just plain wasteful I tell you, WASTEFUL!

So, turns out, that weird OCD tick I have is bad for relationships, but super-good for business.

Cuz I don't waste a fucking nanosecond doing anything I don't need or want to do.

There's another name for that, by the way:


But I wasn't always that way.

I used to think that hard work = success (what a dumb bunny I was back then!).

But hard work does not equal success, my friend.

Doing the most profitable thing = success, at least if you define "success" as "raining money like a cannonballing kid in a Chuck-E-Cheese ball pit."

Less the germs, that is.

So let me give you a simple question to put into your business RIGHT NOW that can help you save thousands of hours of doing stupid stuff:


Here it is:

"What is the cheapest AND most effective way to accomplish my goal?"

An example, please?

Sure thing.

Here's one I see all the time: B2B companies trying to act like B2C companies with their social media.

The business sells high-ticket solutions to other companies, and yet, they've taken to Twitter with hundreds of articles, listicles, infographics, and videos.

And who's reading and watching all that, you ask?

NOT YOUR CUSTOMER, that's who.

If you're going after consumers, fine -- they're all over social media like Peter Pan to a Danskin store.

But buyers of corporate solutions -- think professional services like lawyers and marketers, machinery, HR software, IT solutions, etc. -- they're not sitting on Facebook waiting for your brilliant eBook on 7 Ways to Stop Stopping Your Stoppers From Stopping Up Your Sink.

Instead, you could skip the content and social media marketing and just call these people up with a solid sales script.

Call --> meeting --> proposal --> sale.

No social skills required.

That's just one of many examples I see.

Hiring sales people when all they need is a lead generation service?

Finding investors when all they need is to go out and sell to customers?

Hiring full-time employees when all they need is a VA?

Bringing on business partners just because they're "good friends" they bonded with at Spring Break 1999?

There are so many things business owners do because they "think" they need to do these things in order to achieve success.

Well, please stop the insanity.

And start your STOP DOING list.

What goes on this list? Everything EXCEPT the few things you actually need to do to achieve your goals.

And there's only one way to know which thing goes where: Find someone who's done what you've done and ASK them.

Ask them, because they'll tell you about the countless things and thousands of hours they wasted doing X when they should've been doing Y after all.

Make sense?


Now you have no excuse.

And you're welcome for saving you so much time you'll be able to go to Chuck-E-Cheese at LEAST twice as often as you do now.

Take that for what it's worth. #yourewelcome.