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1 PR Trick You Want to Use!

Peter Kozodoy logo Posted Friday July 10th, 2020 1 PR Trick You Want to Use!

No matter what business I encounter, all owners want 1 common thing:

Free PR!

They want their business in bright shining lights, featured on the top news outlets around the world.

And who can blame them? Seeing your brand up there is enough to make you all warm and fuzzy despite the freezing temps of December.

But let's get 1 thing clear: Being featured in those outlets won't translate to sales 99% of the time.

That dream you have of being on The Today Show and having 8,000 orders come in?

That's a long shot.

YES, you've heard of it happening. What about those Shark Tank brands!?

And yes, it does happen.

But trust me, it's not the majority...

However, there are other, better reasons to be in those outlets.

It's called, social proof.

Cuz, when you're in a sales conversation and someone's deciding whether to trust you or not, it helps to be able to say, "We've been featured on CNBC.com!"

Ever seen those food trucks with "As Seen On Food Network" plastered all over them?

I bet you thought, hmm...I bet that's a tasty hot dog right thurrr.

And you bought a hot dog instead of buying from the truck that only said "Karen's Krazy Kold Kuts."

And that's when it makes the difference.

So now that we've got that #realtalk out of the way, let's say you want to get some free press -- for bragging rights, if nothing else.

You could get a byline article or column, where you write the content as the author and subject matter expert.

I can tell you firsthand that takes a ton of time, energy, trial and error, and a fair bit of luck.

And/or you can also buy your way into those opportunities...but you need to already have a successful business to get that far.

So although it's possible, it'd take more than an email to show you the way.

However, there's a shortcut to getting press pickups that you can use right now.

Ever see a website with "Featured In" logos, where they list a ton of logos like CNBC, Yahoo!, and more?

Anyone can add that line to their website...and all it takes is a couple hundred dollars and PRWeb.

Here's what you can do:

  1. Write a press release about your brand -- something truly newsworthy that you're doing, or a new announcement that influences your industry somehow.
  2. Go to PRWeb.com
  3. Go through the prompts to create a press release
  4. Upload your press release and logo. Make sure your release is actually newsworthy and not just an advertisement, because if you mess this up you'll make your company look like a newbie stand-up comedian at amateur hour.
  5. Distribute your release and watch the pickups roll in.

Over the course of 24 hours or so, if your release is newsworthy, it'll get picked up by a ton of news sites around the world, many of which will have recognizable names.

And then all you have to do is add those logos to your site, put a "As Seen In" title on it, and link those logos back to your news release.

Voila -- social proof 'r us.

Now, the caveat: Although you now know this technique, use it wisely.

Because if people do some research and realize you put out a release about allowing dogs in your office, you'll take a major hit to your credibility.

So although you know the tactic, a tactic is never a strategy.

So, what is? What is your PR strategy -- your announcement to the world that'll help boost your credibility and close sales?

Any idiot can place a press release. But only the master knows how to use that release to create business outcomes.

Want to do both?

Let's talk.