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How to Avoid Being a Fool

Peter Kozodoy logo Posted Wednesday May 06th, 2020 How to Avoid Being a Fool

I can't tell you how happy it felt to finish the second edit on my book and send it off to the publisher. Yippee!

The book is called, Honest to Greatness: How Today's Greatest Leaders Use Brutal Honesty to Achieve Massive Success.

In it, I talk about how dishonesty has eroded trust, I tell the stories of extremely honest companies that created massive business results, and then I share how executive leaders, managers and entrepreneurs can use honesty to create incredible business results.

So let me ask you an honest question: Are you honest?

What does that even mean?

To me, honesty is a personal journey. It's about getting honest with what's going on in the world around you. It's about getting honest with the people around you - the ones who care about you, the ones who drag you down, and the ones that will never help you reach your goal.

Then it's about getting honest with yourself: about what you want, about what it's going to take to get there, and about what you don't know.

About a year ago I was chatting with Bethenny Frankel (Real Housewives of New York) about her success, and lo and behold, what did she say was pivotal to her achievements?


Bethenny thinks non-stop about what she doesn't know, and asks every question in the book because she never wants to be caught with some bias in her thinking that causes her to lose an opportunity.

The thing is, we all have biases. We all think we know better. We all think everyone else thinks like we do, which is fights erupt over social media when someone can't understand the perspective of someone else. How could that be!?

If you want to avoid being the fool -- today or for the rest of your life -- I invite you to be a student of honesty. Continually ask, is that true? Continually evaluate what you believe, and ask yourself whether those beliefs might be holding you back or leading you astray.

Only fools believe they're wise. Instead, wise people know that they're fools...with more to learn than they could ever achieve in a lifetime.

Which kind of fool would you like to be?