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Honestly the Most Entertaining and Informative Expert on Honesty, Ever.

Hire Peter to Empower Your Club, School, Association, Event or Corporation

Peter delivers entertaining and informative keynotes that show how honesty, transparency and authenticity are must-have components for success in 21st century business. Peter's sole mission is to inspire and educate your audience. In fact, Peter is so confident that your audience will come away inspired and educated, that he will refund 100% of his speaking fee if you're not satisfied with his performance - no questions asked. Now that's an honest guarantee!

Since Peter owns and operates three companies, writes articles for national publications, speaks to organizations worldwide and is working on his new book, his time is limited! To book a date with Peter (how romantic), please fill out the handy-dandy contact form on this page to get started.

Peter will offer two keynotes in 2017:

For Corporations, Executive Groups, Conferences and Entrepreneur Associations

Title: Honest to Greatness: Capitalizing on the Millennial Mindset in Business

The entire business world changed because of the internet. Caught woefully unprepared, most businesses are still struggling to adapt as archaic organizational structures still dominate the landscape. Meanwhile, millennials have entered the workforce and disrupted many of the old rules about business. Until now, there hasn’t been a definitive guide to help leaders move from the old ways to the new; now, it’s time to introduce a new set of business communication concepts that reflects how our society has changed because of the democratization of information. The question this talk resolves is: "What do millennials believe about business in the 21st century, and how can we use those beliefs to prepare our businesses today for the realities of tomorrow?"

Through both the author’s own client anecdotes and case studies on well-known brands, this talk illustrates a series of essential business concepts that anyone in the workplace can understand and implement. Ultimately, readers learn that the key to achieving business success in the new world is by embracing honesty as the only strategic principle that will ever be effective again. This book:

  • Examines how information transparency has shifted the balance of power forever
  • Illustrates the reasons behind millennial empowerment in the Age of the Consumer
  • Shows the Horizon Dilemma to explain intergenerational friction in the workplace
  • Illustrates new corporate communication concepts including the Inverse Triangle, the Flawed Diamond and Waterfall Culture
  • Introduces new management concepts like the Executive Mirror, and Heart+Soul
  • Teaches the Six-Point Marketing Map, a framework for reaching, attracting and retaining customers in the 21st century

Honest to Greatness Workshop

Peter can conduct 60, 90 or 120 minute workshops depending on your needs. His workshop immediately follows the talk and lets audience members engage in the exercises presented in "Honest to Greatness." Depending on the length, audience members will have the chance to present exercises to the rest of the group for critique, active discussion and Q+A. Within the workshop, attendees will:

  • Draft and analyze the brand’s "Why?"
  • Learn to build a brand persona
  • Learn to build a customer persona (90- and 120-minute session)
  • Learn to develop a path-to-purchase model (120-minute session)
  • Learn to build a corporate storytelling model (120-minute session)

For Colleges, Executive Groups, Conferences and Entrepreneur Associations

Title: Landing On Your Feet: How a Redheaded Male Figure Skater Became an International Entrepreneur

This talk takes the audience on a wild journey of entrepreneurship, as Peter tells the story of his personal ups and downs in business. His talk is full of both life and business lessons for colleges and universities, entrepreneur groups, business organizations, and more. He tells the story of how he started as a figure skater, transitioned into a business career in the figure skating industry, got into debt chasing a television dream, got out of debt by building his first company, built a suite of assets for retirement (when he was 25), and grew his business success into a writing and speaking career. His talk is full of real-world lessons that you would never learn in business school, but that have made him the entrepreneur he is today.

  • Chapter 1: How I graduated college early to start my first job early, and got railroaded by the financial crisis
  • Chapter 2: How I got into serious debt chasing a stupid dream
  • Chapter 3: How I got out of debt by building my first company, while working for my first employer and moonlighting as a figure skating coach
  • Chapter 4: How I set up a comprehensive retirement plan of businesses and backups…when I was 25.
  • Chapter 5: How I leveraged every little piece of success to launch a personal brand
  • Chapter 6: What the future holds for the next generation of entrepreneurs

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to have Peter as a speaker?

Please get in touch and provide details on your event to get a quote. Peter offers a discounted speaking fee for student organizations, colleges and universities.

Will Peter travel to get to us?

Yes! He will drive or ship himself via air freight to your door. Depending on your distance from New York, transportation and lodging may apply.