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Honestly the Most Entertaining and Informative Expert on Honesty, Ever.

Have Peter Kozodoy as a guest on your show, podcast, column and more!

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If you are seeking a millennial entrepreneur and Inc. columnist to add value to your story, call on Peter to inspire and educate your audience! Why? Well, how many other millennial entrepreneurs do you know who can also do a Triple Lutz on figure skates?

Peter's mission in business is two-fold:

  1. Educate and inspire the business community to embrace entrepreneurship as a way of life
  2. Educate and inspire the business community to use honesty, transparency and authenticity to achieve success in 21st century business

Why? Peter has launched, grown and still owns and operates three companies in communications, eCommerce and real estate, and he's discovered one important truth: Every aspiring business leader - himself included - needs to hear the stories of others to learn, grow and succeed. Peter has been fortunate to have mentors to help him along the way, and now he's giving back - big-time!

Peter's core beliefs:

  • Everyone in business - business owners and employees alike - should embrace entrepreneurial values.
  • Business has changed forever. Organizations can no longer say one thing and do another. Honesty, transparency and authenticity are here to stay.
  • Most brands can easily repair themselves after a PR disaster, if they are willing to be transparent.
  • Millennials are voting with their wallets, and that spells certain doom for organizations that insist on "doing it the way we've always done it."

You can get in touch anytime, day or night, 24/7/365:

Because he writes, speaks and shares on a variety of topics - including business, entrepreneurship, leadership and millennials - Peter can be highly adaptable for your particular audience. Plus, he's probably the most responsive person you'll ever meet: You can reach him via email, Twitter, Facebook, and even smoke signals (note: smoke signal effectiveness may vary depending on environmental factors at time of signaling).

Plus, he'll always help promote your program via his Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Success in Seconds Newsletter, and via his agency's platforms.

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