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Honestly the Most Entertaining and Informative Expert on Honesty, Ever.

Honest to Greatness: The Book

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The entire business world changed because of the internet. Caught woefully unprepared, most businesses are still struggling to adapt as archaic organizational structures still dominate the landscape. Meanwhile, millennials have entered the workforce and disrupted many of the old rules about business. Until now, there hasn’t been a definitive guide to help leaders move from the old ways to the new; now, it’s time to introduce a new set of business communication concepts that reflects how our society has changed because of the democratization of information. The question this book resolves is:

"What do millennials believe about business in the 21st century, and how can we use those beliefs to prepare our businesses today for the realities of tomorrow?"

Through both the author’s own client anecdotes and case studies on well-known brands, this book illustrates a series of essential business concepts that anyone in the workplace can understand and implement. Ultimately, readers learn that the key to achieving business success in the new world is by embracing honesty as the only strategic principle that will ever be effective again. This book:

  • Examines how information transparency has shifted the balance of power forever
  • Illustrates the reasons behind millennial empowerment in the Age of the Consumer
  • Shows the Horizon Dilemma to explain inter-generational friction in the workplace
  • Illustrates new corporate communication concepts including the Inverse Triangle, the Flawed Diamond and Waterfall Culture
  • Introduces new management concepts like the Executive Mirror, Boardroom Bullshit and Heart+Soul
  • Examines the millennial workplace mentalities of DIY Specialists
  • Teaches the Six-Point Marketing Map, a framework for reaching, attracting and retaining customers in the 21st century
  • Helps readers make positive changes in their organizations today, even if those organizations are reluctant to embrace honesty as a guiding principle
  • Shows how professional success and fulfillment in 21st century business starts with a personal commitment to the core principle of honesty

Why Honest to Greatness? Why Now?

The literary market is riddled with tactical strategies on improving corporate culture, establishing business values and even understanding millennials. The problem is: Most business leaders assume that those strategies can be effective within an archaic business ecosystem. Millennials in the workplace know that this reassuring thought that many executives tell themselves is an outright lie, and it’s time to be brutally honest about the world in which we now live. For those who believe that the business world is still only on the precipice of being completely disrupted, this book provides an entirely new set of principles built on the increasingly influential millennial mindset. Massive change is coming; this book shows readers in all sizes and types of organizations how to understand and capitalize on the new role that business plays in our society.