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Why Many Entrepreneurs Don't Care Who Wins the Election

Peter Kozodoy logo Posted Tuesday September 27th, 2016 Why Many Entrepreneurs Don't Care Who Wins the Election

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Most of my entrepreneur friends and I find political discussions absolutely useless. The fact is, many entrepreneurs don't care (and won't care) who wins the election, despite how serious it may or may not be for the nation as a whole. The crux of this matter is a simple case of macro vs. micro - and in the entrepreneur's case, it's a micro-world in which we live.

From the entrepreneur's perspective, "foreign policy" is a concept that takes its name from the fact that it is indeed "foreign" - in relation to the entrepreneur's business. While macroeconomic trends sway nations, create global conflicts, impact the environment and wreak havoc on the equities markets, we entrepreneurs toil away in our little havens trying to make payroll, win new clients, save wayward projects and manage cash flow. That's why when people ask me, "how will the upcoming election impact your business?" I respond, flatly, "it won't."

No matter who wins, we entrepreneurs still have to contend with the daily realities of managing our whirlwind ventures. Sure, if I'm an entrepreneur sourcing goods from China, the election will have an impact. Certainly, if I'm an entrepreneur who gets funded by government subsidies, the election will have an impact. But for the rest of us bakers, consultants, marketers, techies, accountants, brewers, fitness gurus and restaurateurs, our daily entrepreneurial challenges will far outweigh any macroeconomic challenges we face from this election. That's just reality for a group of people that - by and large - lives in the gritty depths of entrepreneurship where the sun of the big picture can tuck behind clouds for weeks at a time. Besides, we entrepreneurs are ambitious optimists by nature. No matter who wins, we're still going to go out into the world and figure out how to overcome whatever obstacles are placed in front of us.

For those entrepreneurs whose ventures do weigh in the balance of this election, I feel truly sorry. This time must be hellish, and will continue to be uncertain for most likely another year at least before gridlock sets in and a status quo emerges. For the rest of us, let's put our heads back down and get to work. The lives of our employees depend on it, and this political circus can be distracting. Let's hope that whoever wins has a soft spot for entrepreneurs; otherwise, I might just run for office myself next time.

An entrepreneur for president...now that would be foreign, indeed.

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