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Meet The Greatest Bullshit Artist In Your World

Peter Kozodoy logo Posted Thursday July 16th, 2020 Meet The Greatest Bullshit Artist In Your World

I'd like to introduce you to someone really special.

This person truly has the best intentions.

But they have a flaw:

They're full of shit.

They're the biggest liar you know, actually...because you know this person better than anyone.

Who is it?


That's right. I'm calling you on it. Because I happen to be an expert on bullshit.

Some time ago I finally got my book out of content editing and into copy editing.

That means I have to stop fucking around with it so they can figure out where all my grammatical and punctuation mistakes are (good luck, Eddie Editor!).

It's a book about honesty; about how we lie about what's going on in the world, what's going on with each other, and what's going on with ourselves.

I should know; I've been lying to myself for eons.

But I didn't know it. Nah...I was too stupid for that.

Instead, it took me working with tons of other clients, and seeing their bullshit, that I came to look in the mirror and say, "Peter, you horrific hooligan...you SUCK!"

The lies we tell ourselves hold us back. I had been lying about my "dream career" for years, quietly settling for "success" as I was enjoying it instead of reevaluating my true dreams and going (big) for those.

That's where the book came from; I always fancied myself an author, but was too scared and dismissive to allow myself to go for that goal.

But a few years ago I said to myself, No more, Dumbledore!

No more.


Let's chat.

What do YOU really want to achieve in life?

What's that big scary dream that's been hiding in your closet under those shoes you knew you'd never wear, but bought anyway?

Ya know, most people who achieve anything big in life achieved that thing because no one told them it was impossible.

But you? You pro'lly tell yourself that your dreams are impossible every day.


If you do, then give up the lies. Cuz that's all they are -- just, plain, bullshit.

And fortunately/unfortunately, you're the only person who can stop doubting, stop whining, stop waiting, stop pretending.

We're more than halfway through 2020. Are you going to lie to yourself as we count down these precious days to 2021?

OR are you going to shake off your self-limiting crap and finally reach out for help?

At least now, whichever way you choose, you can at least be honest about it.