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How To Tell If You're Self-Sabotaging The Sh*t Out Of Yourself

Peter Kozodoy logo Posted Saturday July 25th, 2020 How To Tell If You're Self-Sabotaging The Sh*t Out Of Yourself

Are you familiar with the idea of self-sabotage?

Self-sabotage describes the phenomenon where you set a goal, work towards it, and then allow your fears and doubts to creep up and crush your chances of ever achieving that goal.

It sounds pretty illogical, right?

I mean, who would do such a thing?

Spoiler alert: We all do.

And worse, we pretend that WE are different.

We pretend that WE are smarter than that!

Self-sabotage? No way!

But the truth is, you likely do it all the time.

And until now, you may not have had a way to test whether, in fact, you are self-sabotaging yourself...or if you're making a sound decision that's actually beneficial for you.

After working with hundreds of founders, helping them build thriving companies...I can tell you with 100% certainty that those who fail as an entrepreneur are unable to overcome their own psychology.

The failing founders literally interfere in their own success...and although it's obvious to me, an outsider, THEY swear up and down that, no, it would be impossible to be sabotaging themselves!

So here's how to tell if you are:

Consider a decision you're making that you're uncertain about.

Maybe it's a key strategy, or a sales technique, or a big shift you need to make in your business.

If you have reservations about pulling the trigger on a new direction, think about those excuses for a moment.

How many are there?

How emotional do you get when you think about them?

How many times a day do you mull over them, convincing yourself that they're logical?

Cuz here's the thing: When you self-sabotage yourself, you dream up every reason under the sun NOT to do something, and then you rationalize all of it as "completely logical."

Meanwhile, there's a tidal storm of emotion underneath all that "logic" that pulls at your gut.

That's a BIG indication that you're lying to yourself in some way, shape or form.

Because when you're confident? Resolved to achieve something? Willing to do ANYTHING to reach that goal?

There is no tumultuous mind-acrobatics needed to rationalize a decision.

You just feel calm. Absolute. Determined. Confident.

NOT because you're absolutely sure that what you're doing is 100% right...

But because you're absolutely sure that taking the next step forward will eventually result in your success.

^^^THAT is the truth^^^

But not if you're self-sabotaging.

Do yourself a favor. Read this post a few times.

Then think about your thoughts and feelings over the past week or so.

Reconsider a tough decision you were making.

Are you self-sabotaging? Gripped by fear? Or...

Are you moving forward with what you quietly know is the right thing, even if it's the tough thing?

If you're not sure, get an outsider to help push you over the edge.

Cuz Steve Jobs didn't have time for fear.

Nor did Bezos. Or Buffett. Or anyone who's done anything big.

So stop sabotaging yourself. Life's too short to lie to yourself about what you really want, anyway.