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Is Your Environment Holding You Back?

Peter Kozodoy logo Posted Tuesday June 02nd, 2020 Is Your Environment Holding You Back?

How much time do you spend thinking about, writing down, and obsessing over your goals?

Whether you answered "a lot" or "a little," the truth about goals is that they are fairly useless. Really.

Habits are what makes goals happen...and yet, people rarely, if ever, spend time improving their habits.

But it's like this: If you go bowling, the goal is to knock the pins down. But it won't help you to stand there and shout "knock down, pins!"

Instead, if you want those pins to fall, you'll need to develop a habit of throwing a bowling ball perfectly...so that the end result is that the pins get knocked down.

And here's the thing...you can't throw the ball to hit the pins if you don't first show up at the bowling alley, pick up a ball, and stand at the end of the lane.

This concept seems simple, and yet, most entrepreneurs are trying to knock those pins down by sitting on their couches and writing down "I'm going to bowl a strike."

Instead, successful entrepreneurs get in the game -- they develop a habit of putting themselves into the environment that they need in order to win.

  • Struggling with your marketing? Find a coach to make you a master.
  • Struggling with finding support? Find a group of peers who will be there to listen.
  • Struggling to earn more revenue? Put your business in the right room with the right customers who have the exact problem you solve.
Any struggle you have can be handled by changing your environment -- by putting yourself and your business into position by changing the people around you.

Because your environment is all about the PEOPLE around you. They're the ones to lift you up, give you opportunities, and ultimately become the network that is your net worth.

Change your environment, and the goals will follow naturally.

Cheers to you and your new environment...