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What are You Doing to Double Your Income?

Peter Kozodoy logo Posted Wednesday July 01st, 2020 What are You Doing to Double Your Income?

So many people in this world want to make more money.

But they never do a damn thing about it.

Most think that if they only do more of what they're doing, then they'll eventually make their target income.

And for 1.5% of you, that could be true.

But for the rest? Fugheddaboutdit.

Making massively more money takes a monolithic movement...

It requires that you put yourself into a position where your value is worth making what you want to make.

In other words, you must prove to your customers that what you do is worth a shit-ton more.

Now, sometimes, it's just a matter of charging more.

What you do has massive value, but you don't do a good job communicating it so your prospects only want to pay you $X instead of $X+$50,000.

Other times, you're providing your prospects with the wrong product or service...and tweaking what you do by just 1% can suddenly make all the difference.

Take me, for instance.

I could tell you, "hey, work with me and we'll figure out how to improve your sales."

What's improving your sales worth? Who knows...it might work, or it might not. It could be worth NOTHING!

But if I tell you, "hey, work with me and I'll show you exactly how to add $100,000 to your revenue in 90 days or less..."

Well, now, that's tangible. You know exactly what it looks like to add $100,000 to your revenue. And you know what the value is...



Or, I could tell you, "hey, work with me and I'll show you how to rebuild your company to get to 7 figures this year."



Cuz once you get there, you know how to do it again and again and again.

THAT'S value.

So if you're sitting around wondering how to grow your income, but you're doin' the same-old, same old?

Then get a grip. The cookies will taste the same if the recipe is the same.

That's how Pillsbury got rich, yo.

But you? It might be time to change the recipe.

Cuz the only thing that tastes better than cookies...is cold. hard. cash.