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How To Do Content Marketing Like Jim Cramer

Peter Kozodoy logo Posted Monday August 29th, 2016 How To Do Content Marketing Like Jim Cramer

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Say the name "Jim Cramer" to your friendly, neighborhood wealth adviser, and you're sure to get an eye roll or two. Sure, Jim can be loud, brash or just plain bad for your personal portfolio, depending on whom you ask. But, financial wisdom aside, there's one thing Jim Cramer does that you can use right now to enhance your content marketing: educate and entertain.

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"My job is not just to entertain you, but to educate you..."

Jim uses that line in every show opening, and he lives up to that promise. To be honest, I don't think Jim can help entertaining, whether he's educating you or not. In any case, his dual strategy is spot-on when it comes to engaging an audience in today's busy media world.

No matter what industry you're in, you can quickly enhance your content marketing program by trending more towards entertainment than education. How much entertainment is too much? Good question. Ask yourself this: How much education does Howard Stern do? How much do the Kardashians teach you? People always want to be entertained; only sometimes do they want to be educated, even if they're actively looking for a product or service. That's why I recommend making your content super-entertaining first, and sprinkle in bits of education as a distant second.

If you need convincing that entertainment needs to lead any content marketing program, consider that even B2B buyers purchase on emotion rather than logic. Your content can only engender good feelings if it entertains the prospect. Yes, an uber-educational textbook can give you a feeling - but usually it's not a positive or happy one!

Whatever you think of Jim, his entertaining style makes him a CNBC business superstar in an otherwise very mathematical and dry industry. How can your content marketing benefit from a refined mix of entertainment and education? Learn how to embrace both in your content marketing strategy, and you'll soon be making Mad Money!

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